About us

We are found represents an enduring existence—constantly seeking, searching and pursuing—finding all that we seek, all that we chase.

Following a bout with anxiety and depression and the breakdown of a marriage Daniella was lost. This was to be the start of a new journey, one which has only just begin.

 Through working out, exercising and investment in her health she began to discover herself again—only this time around the women she found was stronger, more determined and seeking more than ever before.

We are found active is an expression of Daniella’s desire to help others find themselves. She realised that happiness and health could not just be found in an ephemeral moment. It had to be a lifelong pursuit.

Her journey has taken her from styling clients in Canberra to New York to follow her dreams photographing New York Fashion Week. It’s also taken her from dreaming of an activewear line, to stocking her Australian-label We are found active in fashion boutiques around Australia. 

To be found has taken Daniella a lot of hard work, a touch of chance and a little sprinkle of magic; but the treasure to be found within is always worth the most.